Born from Puerto Rican parents and raised in El Barrio, Oliver Rios is a visual artist who is committed to raising awareness.  His innovative and artistic technique empowers his creativity daily. He was inspired by The Hip Hop culture in the late 1970’s and spray can art in the late 1980’s. His recognized anti-violence and memorial murals helped bring awareness to Spanish Harlem in the early 1990’s. He learned to airbrush on t-shirts and painted storefronts for local business’, in the neighborhood. He attended Art and Design High School and City Tech College majoring in art and advertising design. His passion and creativity have supported his career in fashion, editorial photography, advertising design and digital art. Creator of Orios Designs, and as a creative consultant, he continues to develop cutting edge ideas that help generate positive results. His mission is to showcase uplifting and meaningful images through photography, visual design and typography, while striving to inspire the human spirit.


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