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Combatientes by Rene De los Santos


Linocut, edition of 18

Image size: 7 x 7 in. 

Paper size: 11 x 11 in.


With a seemingly innocent style, known for his naïve figures and effortless marks, René de los Santos introduces us to an extensive analysis of his personal philosophies, that which contain certain spiritual and astral sentiments.

Through simplistic depictions of mystical figures, his chimera creations depict his perspective on various subjects with ingenious metaphors. His linocut “Combatientes” shows an endless battle between two equal forces since the beginning of times.

Factors such as the motives of this battle, who’s right and wrong, and who has the advantage of winning are obscure or even inexistent, thus leaving us with the mere assurance of the presence of conflict in life and the unlike chances of it ceasing.

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