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Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo

Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo was born of Puerto Rican parentage in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan in 1978 and raised in the High Bridge Section of The Bronx. Born, raised and based in the foundational neighborhoods of aerosol writing and culture in New York City, he continues to integrate writing into his studio practice. He’s a writer, artist and curator.

His work has exhibited at the International Center of Photography (New York), The California Museum of Photography (Riverside), Photographic Resource Center (Boston), and The Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art and CENTRO (Center for Puerto Rican Studies, Hunter College). He’s had several solo exhibitions: Emperial (Since 1898) at bOb Gallery, (L.E.S. NYC, 2007), Guánica at Radiant Movement Gallery (L.I.C. NYC, 2010), Escritura at Reem Kayden Gallery (Bard College, 2011), La Ciudad Letrada | The Lettered City Skybridge Gallery (Eugene Lang College, The New School 2012), Oratorio at the Tuthill Gallery (Harlem, 2013), Diáspora at La Factoría in el Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico (2014), Arté es Nuestra Embajada | Art is Our Embassy at Emperial Gallery (2015) and Ciudadano ( at La Galería, Villa Victoria Center for the Arts in Boston (2017).

Prints by Fernando Ruíz Lorenzo


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