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Provincia de Nueva York, by Moses Ros-Suárez

Provincia de Nueva York

Screenprint, chine-collé on holographic paper, edition of 10

Image size: 18 x 18 in. 

Paper size: 22 x 30 in.


Moses Ros is a visual artist of Dominican descent born and raised in NYC. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute and is a licensed architect in the State of New York.

Today's print serves as a good example of Ros' continuous experimentation with materials. He decided to use holographic paper as the substrate to create this captivating screenprint. The print changes of color and appears to move as light hits the paper, resulting in a piece that never fails to awe our viewers.

In 2013, Dominicans became the largest Latino group in NYC, according to a study released by the Centers for Studies of Latin-Americans, Caribbeans, and Latinos (CLACLS) of the New York City University (NYCU). In addition to this, the city holds important cultural institutions dedicated to the enrichment of the Dominican culture, such as the Alianza Dominicana and the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, and THE most Dominican neighborhood you'll find around: Washington Heights.

The number 32 makes reference to the number of provinces (states) in the Dominican Republic. There are actually 31 official provinces in the country, but since NYC has become a second home for Dominicans, Ros attributes a 32nd slot to the city with one of the largest population of Dominicans outside the Dominican Republic.


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