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Visual Rhythmist: Works by Daniel Knorra

AUSTIN, TX — Coronado Print Room proudly presents Visual Rhythmist: Works by Daniel Knorra. Daniel Knorra utilizes the repetitive nature of screen printing to build playful yet structured compositions that invite contemplation and deciphering. Inspired by Gestalt psychology, Knorra interrupts the printing process by adding solvents to inks or printing on both sides of a sheet of paper to create unexpected moments within the larger composition that push the traditional boundaries of printmaking.

The works in this exhibition span nearly three decades and serve as a record of the artist’s experiments with process and materials to reveal a unique visual rhythm that can only be developed over time.

Opening Reception

Saturday, August 19, 8-11pm

Exhibition Dates

August 19 - October 14, 2023


Gallery Hours

Fridays 1-5 PM or by appointment



701 Tillery St. #A9-A

Austin, TX 78702


Austin-based artist, Daniel Knorra, has been honing his skills in the screen printing process since 1987 when He took his first workshop in the medium at the Silvermine Guild in New Canaan Ct. Exploring and experimenting with the screenprinting process and the editing process of prints, Daniel’s unique approach is based on his love of Music and Rhythm. Approaching each print as a Measure of music with design elements inspired from art Deco to American Indian sand-paintings and placed in an aesthetic of Japanese design, especially woodblock prints, Daniel creates his “ Visual Rhythm”.


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