With his series "Evangelina Rodriguez", Rene De Los Santos pays homage through his art to a great heroine in order to reclaim her humility and silence; with these series Rene hopes to introduce and educate the younger generations on this extraordinary woman. After graduating from higher education, Evangelina moved to Paris where she specialized in Pediatrics and Gynecological studies. Evangelina later moved back to the Dominican Republic where she was the first poor Afro-Dominican woman to become a doctor; she is also known for pioneering the first Dominican family planning center and helped institute a sanitation system to many parts of the island. Due to the nature of the political system and the chauvinistic points of view in the society, she was ostracized, tortured to near insanity because she was an anti-Trujillista. She also found herself unable to get a job and was heavily malnourished. However, this did not stop her from doing whatever she could to help the poor women in the Bateyes of San Pedro de Macoris, her adoptive home.  

With this incredible homage Rene De Los Santos shows us sensibilities towards women and his incredibly poetic soul.