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Aliosky García Sosa

Aliosky García Sosa is an artist, printmaker, and curator born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts "Oscar Fernández Morera" in Trinidad in 2000. Garcia Sosa is a professor and Director of the Printmaking Department at Instituto Superior de Arte (The University of Arts of Cuba), located in Playa, Havana, Cuba, where he also attended in 2009. He has made numerous personal and collective exhibitions both in Cuba and abroad.

His works are in different collections, including the Fund of Art at the University of Playa Ancha in Valparaíso, Chile; Art of our America, House of the Americas in Havana, Cuba; the Special Collections Art Library at Yale University, Stanford University, Weslyan University and the Cuban Heritage Collection. 

During his career, he has received several awards, such as the Artist in Residence at Bartels-Zum Kleinen Markgraflerhof Foundation in Basel, Switzerland; a honorable mention for the curation of "Recorded in memory" at the National Council of Plastic Arts, CNAP in Havana, Cuba; and the Festival Elsinor Prize from the Higher Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba.

Prints by Aliosky García Sosa


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