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Los Americans: Same = Different

AUSTIN, TX — Coronado Print Room proudly presents Los Americans: Same = Different, a print portfolio curated by Consejo Gráfico Nacional. Composed of 21 prints by artists from across the U.S., invited artists created works reflecting the nation's Latino and Latinx communities and their cultural, traditional, and ideological diversity, pushing against the stereotypes decided by external perceptions.


Consejo Gráfico Nacional is an independent coalition of printmaking workshops/Talleres formed to advance the capacity and legacy of Latino printmakers (inclusive of all Americas) in the United States. Through a combination of collaborative projects, exhibitions, educational outreach and conferences, the Consejo promotes the continuity of critical and cultural activism in Contemporary Art.


This exhibition is dedicated to Gilberto Cardenas and Dolores Garcia for their decades of commitment and support of Latino and Latinx printmakers. 





Saturday, July 20, 2024

7-10 PM


Exhibition Dates

June 8 - August 10, 2024


Gallery Hours

Saturdays 12- 4 PM or by appointment



Coronado Print Room

4201 S Congress Ave, Ste 323

Austin, TX 


Featured Artists:

Rene Arceo

Atlan Arceo-Witzl

Jose Arenas

Pepe Coronado

Savannah Diaz

Marcos Dimas

Sandra C Fernández

Juan R Fuentes

Kiara Aileen Machado

Poli Marichal

Malaquias Montoya

Palén Obesa

Michael Omichi Quintero

Jonathan Rebolloso

Ramiro Rodriguez

Victor Rosas

Marianne Sadowski

Francesco X Siqueiros

Dewey Tafoya

Nitza Tufiño

Wendi Valladares

Image Credit: Los Americans: Same = Different Installation view at Coronado Print Room, 2024.


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