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Nadine LaFond

Nadine LaFond was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in New Jersey by a proud Haitian family. She comes from a long line of artists and grew up immersed in a rich mix of multicultural music. Her home life was a school of the Arts on its own: Haitian paintings on the walls, traditional storytelling and a steady flow of tunes filled the house. By age 13, already embedded in rock, funk and hip hop, LaFond discovered Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday and fell madly in love with Jazz, leading her to a return to blues and the experimentation that became her first songs.

LaFond takes inspiration from a variety of styles, cultures and eras to compose and perform a unifying original sound. She connects deeply with audiences through an engaging presence, fearless voice and distinct sound. Her style is influenced by her experience as a jazz vocalist in New York, backing vocalist for several rock/funk and jam bands, a vocalist  and percussionist  of the Pan African ensemble Wogbledoe, and as a lead vocalist and co-sonwriter with Swampadelica. As a session vocalist, she has contributed on projects like "Untold" by Pete Francis (Dispatch), “Sticks & Stones” by moe and “The Green Sparrow” by bassist, Mike Gordon (Phish).

Prints by Nadine LaFond


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