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Roxanna Dourthe

Roxanna Dourthe was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She began her studies in engineering and architecture, but later decided to study at the School of Fine Arts. Her academic training covers multiple disciplines, but she has been devoted almost exclusively to engraving and ceramics for the past years.

Dourthe has exhibited her pictorial, ceramic and engraving works in individual and group shows in Santo Domingo and Zaragoza, Spain. She was a guest artist at Art Camps in Washington, D.C.; conducted workshops at several editions of the International Book Fair in Santo Domingo and was a professor of Caribbean dances at the Academy of Music of Miralbueno, Zaragoza. One of her paintings was part of the Inspired by Kandinsky collection, curated by Rebecca Wilson of the Saatchi Museum. Other pieces can be found in public collections at the Museum of Ceramics, the School of Visual Arts of Santo Domingo and the Dominican-German Chamber of Commerce. Dourthe received the National Award for the 5th Elit-Tile Triennial and was a resident artist at Coronado printstudio in 2018.

Dourthe currently resides in Spain, where she continues her artistic practice, research and experimentation of materials with the help of other artists. She is also working on decorative prints that are being used for the restoration and reproduction of harpsichords from the seventeenth century.

Prints by Roxanna Dourthe


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