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the way i see it

the way i see it

Installation + Opening Reception

HACO NYC Gallery

About Exhibition:

The Way I see It, a selection of prints from Coronado Print Studio, curated by HACO Gallery’s director Yoko Suetsugu, invites its audience to engage in the search of obscured relationships and new perspectives in this body of work.

Simulating the idea of the collaborative process of printmaking and the showcase of various artists in a group show, The Way I See It encourages the viewer to acknowledge their individuality as it is and embrace it with each decision, instead of striving to belong to anyone but themselves.

The theme of this show revolves on the idea of people’s ability to coexist with each other independently, analyzing their thoughts in order to discover their purpose. Director Suetsugo explains that all people travel together and make different stops to follow their own paths while still riding collectively in the same one-way train.

Participating Artists:

Kelsey Beyer

Fermín Ceballos

Pepe Coronado

Jeankarlos Cruz

René De Los Santos

Edgar Endress

Leslie Jiménez

Golbanou Moghaddas

Kenny Rivero

Palén Obesa

Miguel Luciano


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