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A Strange Bath by Vladimir Cybil Charlier

A Strange Bath

Screenprint + chine-collé, edition of 18

Image size: 25 x 17 in. 

Paper size: 22 x 30 in.


Cybil is well known for her “The Voodoo Child” series, which she has been working on for over ten years. This is an extensive series that she has used as a vehicle to travel through history with her personal narratives in relationship to her Haitian-American heritage. Today’s print is named after Billy Holliday’s song “Strange Fruit”, the songs talks about the lynching of blacks in the US as an overlapping element between the American and Caribbean racial issues.

Cybil started collaborating with Coronado Print Studio approximately three years ago as a participant artist for the “Consequential Translations” show at the Centro Cultural de España in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The purpose of the show was to find a way to address the difficult political situation and evident tension in both of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Charlier’s response, the delicate screenprint and collage currently being introduced, talks about the repatriation and all the political pressure between the two places and, while the leaders of both countries entertain themselves with their own political dilemmas, a whole world underneath struggles with the reality of underrepresentation and indifference from their governments.

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