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Juan Salazar

Juan Salazar (June 7, 1989 - December 12, 2017), was a printmaker born and raised in Santiago, Cuba. He was accepted to the Jose Joaquin Tejada Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, where he intended to study painting, but after not being selected for said specialty, he decided to study printmaking instead.

Salazar also assisted to the Luis Díaz Oduardo Studio, where he received his main academic formation in printmaking. Describing the studio as his second home, Salazar spent long hours immersing himself with the medium and experimenting with various printmaking techniques.

His series Contracorriente (Crosscurrent) and Auscencia (Absence) had been featured in galleries in New Orleans, New York, Cuba and Spain. Salazar was also an assistant at the Elizabeth Sutton Collection, where he showcased his work at the Art Basel Miami during Miami Art Week in 2017. ​

Prints by Juan Salazar

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