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Nigel by Autumn Kioti


Linocut, edition of 15

Image size: 8 x 6 in. 

Paper size: 13 x 10 in.


Here is a reduction linocut by Autumn Kioti: Nigel, the loneliest gannet bird in the world. Autumn recently commented on the story behind this image on a Facebook post:

“Well-meaning wildlife officials had high hopes of establishing a gannet colony on an uninhabited island off the coast of New Zealand in 2015. They festooned the landscape with gayly appointed stone gannet decoys and began broadcasting the calls of the colony. Nigel alone responded.

There, he became attached to one of the decoys, returning to her year after year, building a nest and grooming her, until he passed away beside her in 2018. This is either the terribly sad story of misguided humans, or a very hopeful one; there is happiness to be found, even in someplace as remote as Mana Island, and perhaps Nigel found the map to his happiness.”

Thank you Autumn for honoring Nigel's pure love and sharing his story with all of us.

Kioti's Nigel is a reduction linocutan arguably complicated technique that requires patience and pre-planning. Autumn based the print off one of her drawings, which she then transferred to a linoleum block and proceeded to carve and print each color separately as new layers on the same block.


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