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Paquitos, by Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez

*Paquitos Linocut, edition of 30 Image size: 9 x 13 in.  Paper size: 11 x 15 in. $300        *(Printed at Coronado Print Studio for the Superstitions II portfolio, published by Arceo Press, Chicago)

Caribbean New Yorker Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez, A.K.A. FEEGZ, FIGARO & FIRO173 is an autodidact interdisciplinary artist and professional agitator who enjoys arguing about nearly every single possible topic one can think of. His works usually depict satirical illustrations mocking and questioning beliefs and ideals, which might be triggering for those described as religious fanatics, extreme nationalists, romantic traditionals and close-minded rule-followers.

The print shows three books represented by their iconic symbols as three of the most well known sacred books from their respective religions: The Bible from Christianism, Quran from Islam and Torah from Judaism. This linocut was printed on multiple collaged copies of segments from these books and was later altered through other processes for its intricate outcome.

By naming this piece "paquitos", an archaic term used in the Dominican Republic to describe comic strips, Martínez Domínguez implies that these religious documents are simply fantastical stories that, as he graphically describes in the print, are "taken way too seriously." This obsessive attachment has been the cause of many misfortunes and disagreements in an array of occasions. Thus, texts created to instruct people on how to live righteously amongst others turn into one of the causes of chaos and division. Guess the path of hell is paved with good intentions.


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