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Yelaine Rodriguez

Yelaine Rodriguez is an Artist, Educator, Curator, and Cultural Organizer. She holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons The New School of Design. With The Bronx as her backdrop Rodriguez's combination of costume design and sculptures creates whimsical revealing imagery of the complexities of her experiences as a Dominican American raised in The South Bronx. Through her art Rodriguez’s explores her dreams and realities, blending the lines between fashion and performance arts as a search of self-discovery.

Rodriguez expressed an early interest in the arts. As a sophomore in high school she acquired a scholarship with the Parsons Scholars Program. She continued her undergraduate education in fashion design at Parsons The New School of Design, were she graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design, attained a scholarship to study photojournalism in Paris, and Fashion Design at Central St. Martins London.

Rodriguez dedication to her community has been the driving force behind the creation of La Lucha, an artist-based organization that brings Dominican and Haitian artist together. As the founder of La Lucha, Rodriguez curates with the purpose of educating future generation. 

Prints by Yelaine Rodriguez


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