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Perro Mundo (Raw World) by Consejo Grafico Nacional

Celebrate the captivating medium of printmaking at our new exhibition room, now showcasing the print portfolio, Perro Mundo (Raw World).

Perro Mundo (Raw World) is a print portfolio organized by Consejo Gráfico Nacional (CGN), an independent coalition of printmaking workshops/talleres formed to advance the capacity and legacy of Latino printmakers (inclusive of all Americas) in the United States. The portfolio includes works by 23 artists from 12 studios from across the United States.

With an urgency to respond against the detrimental impact of environmental, immigration, and human rights policies, CGN embarked on this collaboration to reflect on what the world has witnessed in these turbulent times.

The exhibition will embark a countrywide dialogue between the Consejo members and selected works by independent artists, Palén Obesa, Paloma Mayorga, and Celeste de Luna.

This exhibition is part of PrintAustin 2021, in collaboration with MAS Cultura, and vinyl tunes by Trucha Soul.


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