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We... la gente, by Sandra C Fernández

We... la gente

Archival inkjet + screenprint, edition of

Image size: 12 x 16 in.

Paper size: 15 x 22 in.


Sandra C. Fernández was born in Queens, New York and spent her formative years in Quito, Ecuador. She returned to the United States and received her MA and MFA degrees in Photography, Printmaking and Book arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Fernandez created this screenprint archival inkjet as a response to the SB 1070 law passed in Arizona in 2010. This polemical legislative act allowed authorities to profile immigrants who would even suggest “reasonable suspicion” and to deport them back to their countries of origin.

The Bill of Rights is shown at the upper area of the print fading in the divided dessert where Mexico and the United States meet. The writing over the land is from the Códice Mendoza, which serves as a reminder of the conquest and its continuous prevalence in our days. Towards the middle, the faces of a preoccupied family are accentuated against the overwhelming background. The father, who is disappearing into the landscape, is no longer with them.


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